We provide verifiably assured digital privacy by

Delivering proven secure storage solutions and self-protecting file technology.

DataGARD is our flagship ransomware prevention product

DataGARD meets NIST and DoD security standards and compliance.

DataGARD products have undergone extensive government and independent testing, which has validated our security claims. We continue to work closely with the National Institute for Standards and Technology (NIST) to share and promote the adoption and compliance with common cybersecurity standards.

The US Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA) provides data, systems, and network security for the Department of Defense (DoD). DISA has tested and validated WORMdisk and CYBERdisk security technologies (Gen 1). DISA has both confirmed and acknowledged that attackers were unable to change data protected by WORMdisk and CYBER disk, even after repeated attempts, utilizing the most sophisticated hacking tools available.

The current NIST and international standards that DataGARD meets includes:

  • NIST Special Publications 800-37 (the Risk Management Framework), 800-53, 800-59, 800-47, 800-60, 800-160, 800-137, 800-137A, 800-18.
  • Additional security guidance documents supporting StandGARD’s security claims include NIST Special Publications 800-30, 800-34, 800-61, 800-128, 800-39, 800-53A and NIST Interagency Report (IR) 8011 and NIST IR 806
EnterpriseGARD Service is a managed service version of EnterpriseGARD Privacy Loss Prevention.

EnterpriseGARD is a packaged DataGARD solution delivered as either a product or a managed service offering. This is attractive for customers who want Privacy Loss Prevention in private, Amazon Web Services (AWS) or Azure cloud environments but also want to reduce cloud storage and network costs. 

Some customers do not have the staff to manage their IT services but have large and high value private data stores. The EnterpriseGARD Service is perfect for them. We host our servers in leased data center space and provision our DLP services as customer demands grow. This ensures the privacy of customer data and provisions additional secure storage as their needs grow. EnterpriseGARD effectively pays for itself by eliminating customer I/O charges from cloud service providers while providing unparalleled data security. This service works seamlessly with industry leading cloud providers, including Amazon Web Service and Microsoft Azure compute services. 

ComplianceGARD provides privacy compliance and audit reporting for heavily regulated industries.

ComplianceGARD is scheduled for production release with MobileGARDBecause our long term aspirations are to restore privacy to consumer and corporations in an increasingly hostile and intrusive world, ComplianceGARD permanently fills the verifiably assured privacy guarantee we set out to achieve. The addition of ComplianceGARD to our product portfolio is a low cost add-on to DataGARD and MobileGARD that will enable us to keep subscription and renewal rates higher than market would otherwise allow.

ComplianceGARD is a complimentary product to all other products. It will provide automated auditing, compliance, and reporting of the DataGARD, MobileGARD and EnterpriseGARD products. This needs to be built and will have customizations for industry and regional specific regulatory reporting requirements. 

MobileGARD provides data level self-protecting Privacy Loss Prevention.

MobileGARD and DataGARD are complementary product families.  While DataGARD provides DLP at the device level, MobileGARD provides PLP at the data level. MobileGARD is a software composition of self-defense, self-awareness, and access logging capabilities, all embedded in an active file containing private data. Once private data leaves the security confines of corporate IT operations the last and final PLP defense is MobileGARD.

As the COVID pandemic exacerbated the work anywhere, compute anywhere transition to remote working, private data has fully escaped. The underlying MobileGARD technology exists as a minimally viable product (MVP). It has been used in a variety of banking and private messaging applications. StandGARD has two paid engagements to integrate DataGARD with MobileGARD to provide custom law enforcement services to ensure digital evidentiary chain of custody. With additional capital StandGARD will develop a set of composable Privacy Loss Prevention services for large scale insurance, banking, healthcare, and financial workflows.

CommsGARD provides Privacy Loss Prevention in a 5G world.

With the explosion of internet enabled devices, 5G promises to connect everything, everywhere, all the time. That inherently means that every action, movement, transaction will leave a trail of digital dust about everything across the Internet.

If Gartner is right about Compute Everywhere services, demand for secure streaming data compression and encryption will likewise explode. StandGARD intends to be positioned to fill this gap and ensure the PLP gains we made will not be lost. Ultimately, the equivalent of CommsGARD must exist for digital privacy to exist in the next decade and StandGARD intends to be there.