With the growing threat in this digital age

MobileGARD provides data level self-protecting Privacy Loss Prevention.

MobileGARD is our Privacy Loss Prevention solution (PLP) for consumers, businesses and regulatory authorities.

Excuse me, have I seen your data before? No one wants to hear that when they are first introduced. In today’s connected world, most people do not realize that many organizations, like Facebook, know you better than your family knows you. Furthermore, as we continue to introduce more and more connected devices into our lives, we inadvertently open our lives to intrusion or attack. This theft of Privacy has immediate consequences upon Organizations, Individuals and the fundamentals of what Privacy truly means. With the growing threat in this digital age, it is important that we focus our efforts on the prevention and protection of Privacy.

MobileGARD is a software composition of self-defense, self-awareness, and access logging capabilities, combined into an active file containing private data. Once private data leaves the security confines of corporate IT operations, the last and final PLP defense is MobileGARD.

As the COVID pandemic exacerbated the work anywhere, compute anywhere transition to remote work, private data has fully escaped the visibility and control of Organizations. Although MobileGARD is not yet ready for delivery, the underlying technology is currently being tested as a minimally viable product (MVP) to meet the challenges we all face. The underlying technology has been used in a variety of banking and private messaging applications and continuing to provide substantial results.