EnterpriseGARD Service is a managed service version of EnterpriseGARD Privacy Loss Prevention .

EnterpriseGARD is a packaged DataGARD solution delivered as either a product or a managed service offering. This is attractive for customers who want Privacy Loss Prevention in private, Amazon Web Services (AWS) or Azure cloud environments but also want to reduce cloud storage and network costs. 

Some customers do not have the staff to manage their IT services but have large and high value private data stores. The EnterpriseGARD Service is perfect for them. We host our servers in leased data center space and provision our DLP services as customer demands grow. This ensures the privacy of customer data and provisions additional secure storage and their needs grow.  EnterpriseGARD effectively pays for itself by eliminating customer I/O charges from cloud service providers while providing unparalleled data security. This service works seamlessly with industry leading cloud providers, including Amazon Web Service and Microsoft Azure compute services.