IntelGard helps Police & Law Enforcement

Maintain a Verifiably Assured Chain of Custody with Immutable Evidence

Police & Law Enforcement

Customer: U.S. Law Enforcement Agencies

Use Case: Digital Evidence Collection and Chain of Custody Validation

StandGARD’s unique ability to verifiably assure privacy at the hardware level caught the attention of US Federal law enforcement agencies. With the proliferation of digital evidence in criminal cases and the ease of manipulating such evidence to get a prosecutions prosecutors and investigators were looking for a 100% verifiably assured privacy and security solution.

Solution: The first delivery was a tailored EnterpriseGARD solution composed of fifty-six (56) data and video processor servers containing more than 5,000 DataGARD devices. Raw video evidence collections were sent directly to immutable PadLOCK storage, rendering the data provably unalterable and verified by immutable digital event logging. In one application, video is collected from hundreds (100’s) of video cameras. Each original signal is triplexed to produce three real-time immutable video copies to primary and secondary (uncompressed video for court) plus a third copy that is H.264 compressed for investigations and legal analytics by prosecutors, defense attorneys and investigators. The system used hot-swappable, removable DataGARD storage. This allows the Primary or Secondary storage with the original uncompressed source to be removed from the servers, transported to court, USB connected to a laptop and presented to the court with full audit logging and accountability for chain-of-custody requirements.