StandGARD helps Financial Institutions

Comply with Regulations by providing Immutable Verifiably Assured Privacy

Financial Technology

Customer: Small US Bank

Use Case: To satisfy regulatory requirements a small US bank needed to verifiably assure email communications were immutably preserved.

Solution: A simple, low cost process for exporting emails nightly to a secure immutable repository was specified. A small configuration of DataGARD ForceField storage devices were delivered as the email archival point. An automated nightly process exported daily emails to the ForceField disks. The method and storage were verified as both secure and immutable. The bank can now verify that all email communications are verifiably assured as secure and private. The delivery included automated scripts to interface with bank office systems to export email, store on DataGARD, replicate data images, enforce permanent security for all files and automatically advance the storage pointer to the next available ForceField disk sector for the next nightly cycle.