Helping firms innovate, transform, and lead in Privacy Loss Prevention


Our vision is to define and champion the future of Privacy Loss Prevention in our digital age, by ensuring privacy is global.


Our mission is to restore privacy and security to consumers, customers, vendors, suppliers, and executive officers in an increasingly intrusive and regulated world.

Privacy Loss Prevention is our North Star

StandGARD™ is inspired to meet global demands for Privacy Loss Prevention.

Perfect digital privacy invisibly enables consumers and companies to conduct commerce while denying the misuse of their data. Misuse is commonly described as usage or transport of data that is or could be used to (mis-)characterize or (mis-)utilize a person, business or organization.

Privacy loss prevention requires both seamless access and control of private data. We protect at-risk owners, entrusting their privacy to digital guardians who store and use their data for authorized and legitimate purposes.

Team Principles

Our business success is driven by the creativity, inspiration and passion of our people. We look to build and scale our team based on their enthusiasm and ability to stay focused on the company vision, their ability to present compelling new ideas and their willingness to adopt as their own the ideas of others, and the proof of their continual willingness to assume and meet the responsibilities they accepted.

We believe that the foundation of growth starts with shared values and the passion to create, innovate and deliver disruptive Privacy solutions to industry. We are always looking for like minded individuals who are looking for their next challenge and the desire to truly make a difference.

The culture we are building at StandGARD™ will help us to drive the future of Privacy Loss Prevention and deliver a truly global impact on Business, Organizations and Individuals. If you think you have what it takes and a desire to learn, grow and lead, Please send us your CV at